Sunday, January 24, 2010

Painting snow- Arizona style

Looking to the east from Tempe the mountain ranges are blanketed in snow- it is beautiful and for us Valley types, real special. My bags are packed to head north to paint each day this week up untill the next storm comes in. Working in the cold is not easy for desert painters but we can adapt. I am taking along a big piece of cardboard to stand on, learned that one from another seasoned painter. Layers of clothes, a real warm hat, and using a soft titanium white. The paint tends to stiffen up in the cold. If at all possible , take advantage of unusual weather, uncomfortable or not. Your work will real be challenged and I have found you often paint your best. No time for trying to stage the perfect scene- you are freeezing or melting so better make up your mind and get to it. No excuses for not painting- even if only a tiny piece.
Several fun shows coming up- check out my website for details- one at the SunDust Gallery in Mesa AZ in February and another in March, an APAP show in Sedona, AZ in April.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Phil Starke- Oil painter

Occasionally I will run across an artist blog or newsletter that is really helpful. One of my favorites belongs to Phil Starke. He is able to get anouncements out about upcoming shows, what is available to purchase but what you remember is his ability to give, to offer more for clients and for other aritists. It is totally worth signing up for it. Go to and get on his list. I have purchased one of his videos- on simplifing city scapes- real good, easy to follow, and clear. Phil also has a blog for artists with real interesting dialog on how he solves problems, and shares so much of what he knows. We are in a profession that unfortunately has many artists who seem to think the there is a finite amount of "art knowledge", or secrets, or somehow sharing knowledge will help others and hurt their themselves. How refreshing to find a talented artist who happily shares what he knows and hopes to see others improve.