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Why I paint daily and you should too

As you can probably relate I have felt like I do not have enough time to paint, that life gets complicated and my creative time gets diminished. Having just finished the book Daily Painting by Carol Marine I realized I suffer this issue along with many other artists. The swinging from the highs and lows, guilt for not painting more, guilt for painting and loving it so  much, taking time from my family--- it's a mess. Because of Carol's book I am back to painting daily, or creating with paint daily. Her main point is to paint small, not always, but daily. These little studies are very freeing, no pressure to perform after the expense of the large canvas. The freedom to try something- a layout, composition, new colors I am not comfortable with, you name it. I am of course working on large pieces as well but painting a little piece each day does not take 2 weeks to finish. It is like a starting point to launch off on and they often turn out real nice. They help me solve problems,…

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