Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Learning to Crochet

What does learning to crochet have to do with painting? Nothing actually. I just had a revelation that the reason I crochet rather than knit is the same reason I paint with oil and not acrylics. Crochet and Oils are forgiving. When you make a booboo you can just scrap off oils, even hours afterwards and no ones the wiser. Crochet, when you make a mistake you don't have to knit backwards like knitting, you pull the yarn and out she goes. Again no on is the wiser. Crochet gives me a 3 D artform that keeps my hands nimble. Here is a link to my blog that has a link to a good website for learning to crochet or getting very nice patterns online.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Simplified Palette

Went out to paint the Salt River Marsh with my new little thumb box- it worked out so nice. I did a challenge to myself with an assignment that was given to me by Gabor Svagrik in Tucson. He made us put out only 3 colors plus white. At first I thought how boring this piece is going to be but instead out came a wonderful little painting. Simple yet so many colors can come out of a simple palette. I chose Alizarin Crimson, Ultra Marine Blue, and Yellow Ochre (Varsari Paints) plus titanium white. For landscapes here in the desert that combo worked great. I think if I were painting in Hawaii I would probably just change out the yellow to a Cad. yellow light to get those powerful greens. Try it out yourself, it makes your pack so much lighter and lets you spend your time studying the landscape in front of you, not digging around in your backpack for another color tube.
Thumb box made by Jerry Pond- 928-634-1212

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Painting Salt River Marshes in Tempe, Az

Here's my little piece I did over north of the Tempe Market Place looking down into the Salt River Marsh. Several artists showed up to paint on Tuesday and everyone seemed to like the view. It's at 101 & McClintock at Tempe Market Place drive as far north in the parking lot as you can. Walk up to the road way that runs along the riverbed and there is your view. All good looking up stream or down. When the weather warms up I look forward to painting the little boats on the Tempe Lake.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Paint with Arizona Plein Air Painters

Come paint with us- short notice yes, but I have that time free and had already planned to paint at this spot so I invited all of the APAP members.
Jan. 4th-
Host Cindy Carrillo- 3:00pm
Location- View of the Salt River Marsh north of Tempe Market Place, Tempe.
TMP is on McClintock and the 202. When in the lot go north of the complex
behind the restaurant Maria Maria. Park as far north end as you can.
There is an elevated road that runs along the Salt River & Tempe Town Lake
going east and west. That road is where we will be setting up to paint, looking
north into the river bed. The views have cottonwood trees, reeds, reflections,
rocks, ducks, bridges. You can park in the spots with in a few steps of the view
and painting set up spots. Of course being at the Mall there are plenty
of places to get a coffee and bathrooms.