Thursday, February 12, 2009

Arizona does too have snow!

We are really getting the snow this year, more than I can remember in a long time. When you paint from life you soon learn that you don't have much control of your subject- a lot like life- and I have learned to paint what is around you. It is not that important what the subject is, but how you handle the subject. Dead looking trees and snow in winter can get real old after several months. But take a fresh look at what might seem ho hum to you and make it wow to the viewer. Knowing a subject toooo well can be a handycap- we put down what we know is there and tend to be much less observant. When ever possible put your self in not the most idea situations- too hot- too cold- too windy- and start and complete a piece in one session. Stay fairly small in size - use larger brushes than you are comfortable with- and really look- notice- if you see the the little cool things about a scene so will your viewer. Turn you canvas in a direction you would not have chosen right off the bat. The artist's that really catch my attentiion seem to be the ones who do a subject just a little differently- they forced me to see new- be one of those artists- remember- not all our paintings are keepers but they are all a learning experience and a good thing. This painting is of the area around Peach Springs up on the Indian Res. it is called "Need Chains?"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hassayumpa River Preserve

There is an oasis in the desert just this side of Wickenburg that you have probably missed. Usually folks are on there way to Vegas, or to Wickenburg and pass right by the sign just 3 miles or so before town. The Hassayumpa Preserve is cared for by the Nature Conservancy and is a natural lush river habitat with colorful changing seasons. For the last several months members of the Arizona Plein Air Painters have been painting there to capture those seasons getting ready for a show to be hung on Feb. 28th. We hope to show visitors some of the visions that we as artists saw and had to stop and paint. This is another example of those lovely places that we need to keep natural, to save from the home contractors. This piece was done by Dawn Sutherland, she has her studio in Jerome, Az. Her work has a light touch, almost like a pastel, sutble value changes and it captures this place so well. Artist's will be out painting the grounds (8:00am) on Sat.2/28 morning, meeting up with wet paintings ready to sell and show at(2:30pm) . Make sure to visit Wickenburg, it has good food, real old west ranches, and incredible scenery. Should be a great day. (paint-outs) .