Friday, May 7, 2010

Stuck in a Rut

I have been in a painting rut lately, I will complete a real nice piece, then I can't even put down the shapes right. It has been real frustrating to say the least. All artists have this and we all complain about it. I have stumbled upon some help by accident. My background in college was as a 3D artist, ceramics, fabrics and wood. I love to sew and can make anything. I was motivated to learn when my dad told me that he would buy all the fabric I wanted if I sewed my own clothes (I was 12). So instead of the dorky things mom bought I was able to make plenty of mini's to wear to school. I recently pulled out some lovely fabrics making a dress for my grandaughter, one thing lead to another and I have been a sewing feend for the last several weeks. I have always loved the textures, and variety of colors fabrics come in- much like why I love oil paints. After several days of non-stop sewing I was in California at Crystal Cove. As I started to put down the paint I realized I was using much of the same color combos I had been sewing with- and these were colors out of my usual comfort zone. Surprisingly I moved along with ease really enjoying the new colors. I did a view looking away from the ocean and back at the little yellow house in the back of the property- I think it is a keeper.(the Eucaliptus were painted in Whittier, Ca. ) Moral of this long story- getting your hands into another medium than your paints can get the fuzzy brain to work in new ways. Both mediums complement the other not detract. A bit later I will show you my creations that came out of old denim, ugly tossed out ties and some tacky old leather jackets. New life came out of these items and renewed me at the same time. Watch for All Used Up coming to this blog soon.