Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Daniel Ochoa Oil Painter in San Fransisco

Often I meet other artists at art events and get to visit just a bit. Daniel Ochoa and I met at the Laguna Plein Air Invitational, we were both volunteers. I later looked up his website and received his updates. His work is very confident, loose, and paints very interesting subjects. He doesn't paint quite like anyone else, which is real unusual now days. Take a look at these little paintings he has for sale. You can contact him if you would like to get on his newsletter list or purchase one of these lovely little gems.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snow in Payson Arizona & the Rim

Two weeks ago I saw on the weather report that there was new snow on the Rim. That means that there usually will be snow in Payson. I packed up the gloves and headed out. This was painted in town at the golf course, the rim is in the distance. The snow was melting so you could hear drips, and cracking. On the spot where I was standing the snow would melt under my feet, then refreeze. I spend a good deal of time just trying to stand still with out sliding. A couple hours later back into my van, my toes were frozen. As much as I complain about the heat in the summer I guess I truly am a desert person to the core. I was all bundled up while in Payson that day, but all the "natives" were in light jackets. I'm sure they could tell I was from the Valley. This 11"x14 "Snow Crunch" is at the Sedona Art Center. You can see all the paintings in that show at www.arizonapleinairpainters.com on the Sedona Show link.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Day at the Arboretum

Last week I went up to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum to paint. Mom & Dad came along, it had rained hard and the washes were very wet. I go there to paint alot since it is a very short trip and the variety of landscapes choices are amazing. There are ancient old eucaliptus, pines, desert, a large pond, lush growth and the spectacular mountains that surround the whole area. It is only an hour east of the Valley. The little 8" x 10" was tricky, the sky was so grey, and then the water in the wash started to move just bit more - time to go then. Winter greens are grey and not easy to create distance or show values. Who says the desert doesn't have seasons? Only people who aren't very observant! This painting is at the Sedona Art Center till March 2nd.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This weekend the Arizona Plein Air Painters First Annual Show is in Sedona. I have 7 pieces- still framing them of course. I am never ready early. The pieces are done, but the framing, labeling, all that I am terrible at. This group of paintings are from 5" x7" to 11"x14". There are Sedona rocks, snow on the rim, a desert wash, and this one here. It is an 11"x14" done down by the rivers edge. Come up for a day trip to Sedona, stop in at the end of the road before you hit the Oak Creek Canyon at the Sedona Art Center. It is across and up from the Matterhorn Motel. Our paintings will hang till March 2nd and one of the artists will always be at the gallery to answer questions. This is a great time to visit Sedona, actually, there is not any bad time to visit. Hope you will come see the art work and enjoy. You can visit the website at www.arizonapleinairpainters.com

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Santa Fe Show at the Sage Gallery

Coming up this March is a show that I am real excited about. It is at the Sage Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. I painted in New Mexico last summer and discovered that what I had heard was correct. The light did seem clearer and colors sharp. I think it is because there was no smog. The sky is a colbalt blue, and every turn in the road was beautiful. This show is called the Nomadas del Artes, which means Art Nomads. There are 200 artists who had one year to paint 2 paintings. We had to restrict our locations to be in 5 states. Here are the two pieces I am sending in. The one on the left is a 12"x16" piece called "Abandoned Adobe in Taos". This spot was so beautiful, and the old little decrepid adobe was so cool. Taos is an unusual town. We had the good fortune to spend a week in a friends lovely home. I was able to head out each morning and paint all day. Both Santa Fe and Taos need to be on your list of places to explore. The painting on the right is a 9"x12" done in Cornville, AZ called "Old One". This huge old cottonwood is along the Oak Creek in a large ranch. I was there in the summer and there was actually a bit of a breeze to keep me from leaving. The temps are about 10 degrees cooler there, and this was painted mid summer. You can see these paintings larger on my website. The show starts on March 7th and I will be there for the reception and of course to paint. Last trip we made new friends and I really look forward to seeing them again, and to paint one of the most beautiful artist friendly states, New Mexico. One of the most refreshing things about that state is it is proud to display its Mexican heritage. Adobe buildings really are everywhere, great green chile in the small towns and pueblos that are ancient to visit and explore. The land is open and clean, the sky changing by the hour. Do take the High Road to Taos and stop along the way at every chance you get.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Arizona has an abundance of good artists, and beautiful landscapes to get inspiration from. There are also a lot of guilds, and art groups to join to make friends, and learn from. But as of January 1st there is now a State- wide organization that a group of friends and I formed called the Arizona Plein Air Painters. They are the only painting organization whose focus is education, and the promotion of its members, and that includes artists from all four corners of this state. There will be painting days planned for all over Arizona. To help launch the group the founders are hosting a show at the Sedona Art Center called the 1st Annual Members Show. Here is the invitation to that show, the Reception will be on Feb. 22 at 5:00pm. I really look forward to finding new beautiful spots in my home state to paint if you live somewhere that you think we should know about, let me know. You can checkout more of our artwork at www.arizonapleinairpainters.com
then plan on coming up to see our show. It will hanging till March 1st. Artists in the show will also be on hand to answer questions. If you haven't been to Sedona, it is unbelievably beautiful.