Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colorado Countryside and old tractors

Colorado countryside has views every direction. Started off clear and warm then the afternoon clouds came in. This is an 11"x 14" oil - "Country Lane"
Lovely old tractor on the side of the road. "Best Days are Over", 8" x 10" in a metal look frame. Ready to go to Boulder tomorrow.
Here she is, isn't it neat? All rusted out, great colors hidden in and out of the engine.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Painting Colorado Ranches

Lovely barns and ranches south of Denver, west of Hwy 25. Rain and storms on and off so I am under my van back door. The lightening finally got too bad for me, I bailed and came back later in the afternoon. The sun came out again. so much green and wildflowers. This painting will go into the Boulder, Earthwood Gallery went done. It is a panorama shape. The Opening Night Reception for Women of the West is this Friday night. I really hope to have a few new pieces done here in Colorado to add to the show. Other than the lightening and bees, all good plein air day.

Painting in Colorado- Drive over Mount Evans, Co.

Is this sweet or what! A mom and baby mountain goat- I should have looked up the proper name but I am luck to get the photo posted at all. Took the drive over Mount Evans which is 14,000 plus high and no guard rails. But what views! The clouds are below you as you drive. Little summer flowers- green grass - and 43 degrees. A thick fog came in with rain within 6 minutes. Crazy and beautiful.
Summit Lake, cold wind, prehistoric shaped rocks, colorful lichens in pinks, yellow, greens, tans on the rocks. Yes, I am cold. When I left home it was 117 so bit of a change---
Bristle Pine trees, some over a 1,000 years old. All twisted and bent, thick and tough. Able to withstand the hard winds, intense sunlight, ice, snow yet grow. They hunker down to the ground. Strange sight to see but a good example of endurance.
Waterfalls come out of rocks along side the road, tumbling cold clear water.
Today I am headed south to the Larkspur area where I hear of many beautiful old farm building, and farm equipment. After painting last year in Victor I am more confident to tackle the machinery and old trucks. Hope to come home with a keeper to take into the Earthwood Gallery in Boulder---- rather than a nice pile of grey paint. Grateful to be here.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Earthwood Gallery "Women of the West" 2011

Lovely old wagon full of flowers ready to be painted! Below is at the Earthwood Gallery in Estes Park right on the main drag. Ron and Ann Wilcox handle all my work.

Gyenn's Garden Shop- Painting in Longmont, Co

On the way up the 36 to Estes Park is Gwyenne's Garden Shoppe (4559 Highland Dr, Longmont, CO) and greenhouse, real neat place with unusual cool stuff for your garden. And this cool old bathtub filled with flower by two mail boxes. I met the gal that made it, Erica (hope I have spelled her name right!) so I named it Erica's Flowers, it is a 6"x6" oil on board and will be available at the Earthwood Gallery in Boulder, Co on Pearl St. Pics below are from in front of the Nursery. Cool weather, afternoon rains, seeing old friends, all good.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Snow Tones" oil 6"x6"

One more little piece a 6"x6" love working on the square format, great size for travel. Framed in silver ready for the Earthwood Gallery show! Western Light!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Painting in Boulder and Estes Park, Colorado Earthwood Gallery

"Snow Melt" 14" x 11" oil on board
"Marshland Fall" 12" x 16" oil- frame silver wood
"Risky Crossing" 12" x 16" oil- frame dark wood Tuscan
"Working Farm" 12" x 16" oil -frame dark wood Tuscan
"Sunny Window" 12" x 24" oil on canvas-framed dark wood
"Snow Shapes" 6" x 6" oil on board - framed silver
"Retired" 8" x 10" oil on board - framed dark wood
"Spring Meltdown" 11"x 14" oil on board- frame dark wood
"Eucaliptus Moon" 20" x 16" oil on canvas
The good things about August in Arizona are the incredible monsoon clouds, they are spectacular and I look forward to that every year. The ugly part is the heat, and the humidity- both bad together. I am headed to paint in Colorado, bringing up a whole van load of paintings for the "Women of the West" show in Boulder, Co. and the "Western Light" show in Estes Park, Co. I will be posting the new pieces I finish while in the Denver area maybe even a short video or two to give you all the feeling of the place. Paintings are going into frames, canvas's toned, brushes and palette cleaned to be ready. Here are a couple of pieces already to go- I will post a list of all the paintings/prices this week with more to follow as I finish the new wet work. All are available through the Earthwood Gallery, Estes Park and in Boulder. I will be posting the Paintouts, one in downtown Estes Park on Aug. 25th, the other on Pearl St. in Boulder on Sept 1, with pics of the paintings and the art scene. All good!
Boulder Gallery Phone 303-444-3838
Estes Park Phone