Thursday, October 29, 2009

American Impressionist Society-Saks Gallery

"Early Frost" 24"x24" oil- "Award of Merit" American Impressionist Society show at the Saks Gallery in Denver

While I was home recovering and moping that I could not attend the reception for the AIS show at the Saks Gallery in Denver-(friends were all there having fun)- I got the word that my painting "Early Frost" won the Award of Merit and the judge of Quang Ho !!! It is a prize that includes paint from Vasari Paints- I am so excited about it. My little painting a snow scene- sold and the proceeds from it go to the Food Bank of Colorado. Funny how when you win an award you just can't wait to go out and paint again. I hope to be up to it this weekend. I am just now feeling like a normal person again- not my usual energy level yet but that will come. I am trying to get caught up now and will have some fun assignments for my students next week. Thanks for your patience-

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Starts- New Beginnings

Back to the real world. Surgery over and now recouping. The down time is forcing me to slow down, to read, see friends and the cancer free state has allowed me to start planning ahead. The Catalina workshop was a blast. Not only did we get to paint on the shoreline, sunshine, cool breezes, all wonderful, but each of the students seemed to connect with each other. They are already making plans to paint together. My goals for that weekend were not just met but went over the top. An art workshop should be more than just skills. It should invigorate you, open up new friendships, move you to see differently and just have fun. For my students: I will be posting suggestions for you or "homework", each is designed to help in one or more the basics of painting. If you do a search on my blog putting in the word "starts" you can begin with that exercise.