Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picking a Paint box- Open BoxM, Guerrilla /Judsons Art

Picking the right travel paint box isn't always easy. It is a project that ends up being trial and error, what works for one artist may not be the best for you. I have two favorites. Both are strong, well built, easy to use, and come from great companies. The top picture is my Open M Box. It is so well crafted, light weight, fast to put up. You can get a cool carrying box but that was too heavy for my purposes. This attaches to my tripod in seconds. It will hold fairly large panels too- and if you need a bit large you can use a small bungee cord to keep the panel steady. is the website, all the easels are made by hand so expect a fast turnaround. I think for the quality the price is very fair. This easel should last me my lifetime and then I will pass it down to someone else who better take care of it! This is a family owned small business in Cody, Wyoming. There are all kinds of cool extras you can get too- not needed but fun-
The other easel photo on the right is from Judson Art Supply. It is a guerrilla box and they mean it. This is by far the most sturdy of any paintbox I have seen. This one is the cute thumbox, 6"x8" and perfect for when you want everything to fit into one box, and you are painting on small panels. The little devise you see are what allows you to paint on 4"x6 or 5"x7" or 6"x8". It's great and it hold my wet panels, brushes (cut down) spirits, paint. You can sit in a cafe, paint and no one notice. If you use the spirits from Gamblin called Gamsol no one can smell you either!
If you can try out a friends box, if they trust to enough. But even if you bought one of these boxes and didn't like them you would have no trouble selling them to another artist. But I really think if you plan to paint from life, and you should, you will probably want a couple different types of paint boxes for different scenarios. This summer when I head out to paint New Mexico and Colorado both boxes will be in my truck. When I head to Catalina Island for my workshop both will go on the ferry. Each for a different reason. Check out both website and give them a call with questions, both companies excell in customer service.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Painting on Catalina Island-

On Sept. 18, 19, and 20th the Catalina Art Association will be hosting it's 51st Annual Art Festival. Last year I was asked to be one of the judges for the painting category for awards. We had such a good time so back we go but this time I will be teaching several different sessions of workshops in oils and watercolor. You can sign up for one or all the sessions. This will allow you time to have a great time in the wonderful little village, enjoy the Art Festival, and paint too. The classes are geared for the novice painter and for the more experienced painter who may be used to working indoors in the studio. Painting outdoors is a whole different deal and it can really make your experience a much nicer one with someone to guide you. Check my website for more details or write me with any questions. Sessions start at $45.00 a piece, there will also be a small kit available for those people who might be flying in, or just don't want to buy a lot of art supplies. Let me know your situation and we can make it work. Catalina Island is about an hour off the coast of L.A. and accessible by ferry. You don't need a car, and everyday is casual day. Can't beat that!
Session 1: Friday 9/18 3:30pm-

Session 2: Saturday 9/19 9:00am-11:45ish
S ession 3: Saturday 9/19 3:30pm-
Session 4: Sunday 9/20 9:00am-11:45ish

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Estes Park & Earthwood Galleries Colorado

Estes Park Paint-out - August 29- Sept. 30th on display

After several nervous days waiting I finally heard that I will be going back to Estes Park this August to participate in their fun paintout. The Earthwood Gallery will be my host again which I really enjoy. Ron and Ann Wilcock are just nice people who really care about their artists. The picture above is the piece I finished during the 90 minute Quickdraw. A dear lady in Hawaii purchased this piece. I plan to stop along the way and paint in New Mexico, Santa Fe and Taos especially. If you want to keep up on the pieces that I finish along the way and the paintings that I turn in for the Awards competition in Estes Park keep watching my blog.

Also, it is back to Catalina Island this September. I plan to hold several painting sessions/classes during the Catalina Art Associations 51st Annual Art Festival. the dates are Sept. 18,19,20th, 2009. You can check my website for more information. For those who are flying out or are new to oils I will have kits available for you to use. You can sign up for only one session or all of them, just depends on how much time you have on the Island that weekend. You will still go home with some fine little finished paintings of your trip to Catalina. Cindy's Website