Monday, October 27, 2008

Finding beauty behind Denny's

While in Pinetop for a friends party I wanted to take the time to stop and get in a small painting. We didn't have much time for wandering around looking for the perfect spot. I have spent way too much time trying to find the view that has everything including shade for me and the easel. I know this little town very well including the back roads but could not decide where to go. While thinking about it I pulled off the road behind a Denny's. There behind the restaurant was this wonderful view. It had rained from a recent monsoon with more to come, the red soil was muddy and colorful. Golden eye filled the field along with sunflowers. I could have driven around for ever trying to match this and here it was right in front of me. Some days when it seems hard to find what you are look for to paint you are better off to just stop and paint what is in front of you. Always chose to paint, do not just say forget it for today, get out and put the paint onto the canvas. As always go back to the basics, large shapes that work as as abstracts. If you don't have the time to look for that idea spot, you might just find it right out your window or car door!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Barbara Burton - Print the Farm Oct.31, 2008

This image was done by Barbara Burton, a printmaker & bookmaker who's work is extraordinary! She just concluded a group show at the Chandler Center for the Arts and we are privileged to have her as one of our instructors at The Artist Studio in Phoenix. On Friday, Oct. 31st 10:am - 1:00pm she will have a workshop where students( ages 13 & up) will use objects they find at The Farm to create a small series of prints. No matter what your usual medium or even if you have no art background you will benefit from hearing how Barbara works and creates. You can call the Cottage to register at 602-268-5905.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blooms at The Farm

The Residency started this week at The Farm in Phx with an Open House that went all day. What a great time, friends from my past even showed up. If you came, thank you for making my day great! I started today on my Farm series where I hope to find views that a just a little different, where most people might have walked by. The flowers are glorious , zinnas left from summer, and mums 6 feet high. Maya garden is an organic garden with produce, and flowers for the public and for the local chefs. What hard work the constant pulling weeds, keeping the pests under control and keeping little kids from tromping on the veges. Our art classes are in full swing with new ones getting on the schedule all the time. I have an oil painting class on Sunday afternoons and on Tuesday mornings. Our goal here is to keep it accepting, informal but with classical teaching. Egos need to be left at the door for instructors and students alike. I happen to like the pressure that you get from some classes/workshops but for people who are just stepping out to try an art medium for the first time, no need for added pressure.
What did I learn today? That it is more fun to teach students who want to learn than those who argue with you all the time! I learned to set back and not assume what I see when I put it down. After making a major blunder with one of my Cottage paintings, (perspective TOTALLY off), I am sketching and working on the basics again of perspective. It is never good to see your error in a painting that is already framed and on the wall or sent out to the public. UGH. Live and learn! Check out our new classes and try something new. And don't wait till 2009, you'll be too busy then too. The Farm: 32nd St. between Baseline & Southern in Phx.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Artist of the Month at Judson Art Supplies

One of my favorite art suppliers is Judson Art Supplies in Colorado. I have one of their little thumboxes (6"x8") that is so sturdy it has survived all kinds of abuse. This month I am the Artist of the Month on their website. It has been great in getting me connected to new students and clients. Their customer service is great being a small business they really want you to be happy with their products.
This week starts my residency at The Farm at South Mountain where I get to paint on the grounds for the next 6 weeks. I am also the Coordinator for the Art Classes held there. Starting this Sunday and also Tuesdays I will be teaching oil painting classes. I really enjoy taking people who have reached a spot and can't seem to move on and help them step up. Or the brand new beginner afraid to put paint down on that blank canvas. Check out the website for updates. Now that the weather here in Phx. has finally cooled off everyone is out. This is a gorgeous time here and yes we have a bit of fall color.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Artist Studio Residency

I start my residency at The Farm at South Mountain next week. In the mean time I have been painting there already since the temps. have finally dropped down alot here in the Phx area. There are several old farmhouses on The Farm property, little old bungalows that are really great. Swamp coolers in them, the doors swell in wet weather, and wood floors. We have art classes going starting this fall. Some are held in the Artist Studio others on the back porch. We try to have a very welcoming environment so the novice and the professional will feel comfortable and benefit. If you have always wanted to try a medium out and was a bit hesitant, I suggest you try a class with The Artist Studio. Oil painting, knitting, ceramics, watercolor, drawing. I have an oil painting class on Tuesday mornings, and Sunday afternoons from mid-Oct. to mid-Nov. This week I am getting my canvas's ready, and have been scoping out the scenes. It is really great to again get out of my comfort zone, no cactus here , rows of fresh vegtables, flowers, and hugh old pecan trees. Here is a little 5/7 that was meant to be a study but really turned out to look and feel like that afternoon was- warm in the sun with a cool breeze. Casual, comfortable and welcoming. That is The Farm. 32nd St. between Baseline & Southern in Phoenix. Check out