Thursday, December 18, 2008

Small Studies-Snow Scenes-Southwest Art

Though I love the challenge of painting snow, I don't really enjoy standing in it, my feet turning blue and numb, feeling like I need to hurry so I can get warm. But, the good thing about that is I am forced to make the call, make a decision and get that paint down right the first time. I painted last spring in Santa Fe in early March. It was so cold, my last day there I painted in Hyde Park which is 10 miles uphill (colder) outside of Santa Fe. The snow was knee deep and I was so cold. After watching others who seemed to be not as cold as I , it became quickly apparant that I was not dressed right at all. My boots are desert boots, not snow, I wore jeans, which the cold went right through. The painting I did that day actually turned out to be real good. Mainly because I didn't spend one minute of time overworking it. Snow is falling in northern Az. now so it looks to be a good snow season. I will head up for more painting, dressed hopefully more prepared! The finished pieces will be in a show at the Artistic Mystic in Chandler. Deborah Silvas is having me as a featured artist to celebrate my paintings being shown in the upcoming Southwest Art Magazine. This Feb. issue will have 8 artists and their snow scenes, and I am fortunately one of the artists chosen. I will post all the winter scenes in the show on my website and on this blog. This little gouache painting is of one of the old lovely missions in New Mexico. Christmas is next week, hard to believe the time goes by so fast. I realize that all I can do it paint a dim reflection of what I see out there. But I hope that reflection sparks a wonderful memory, or creates a new one for you the viewer. Merry Christmas, sit back a bit and appreciate all that you have been blessed with.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FMinus Comics- Growing up

Yesterday was my oldest son Tony's birthday. On any of my kids birthdays I pull out the baby pictures and go over them carefully. They make me both cry and laugh out loud. You always hope for your children that they will have a great future and find someone to love who loves them too. My middle son Michael has certainly done that. He is married to a childhood sweetheart and they are expecting their first child ( my first GRANDBABY!) To see them happy and building their own lives is very satisfying. My daughter, Roni has just started college and her and my almost daughter Katie are getting ready for finals, and growing up fast. I watch them learn to love, get hurt all the ugly stuff along with making good life decisions. My kids are now my friends, people I can trust and confide in, who support each other and me in wonderful ways. Tony is getting married this spring to his high school sweetheart and Andy & I couldn't be happier. If are still deep into the "teen"years" going out of your mind with your kids let me give you some hope. They do come around. When the Jeckle and Hyde years are finally over you will have wonderful friends and it is all good. Oh, and this silly picture is of Tony in his studio creating his comic- FMINUS. Check it out in your newspaper or go to his website You can read his blog at
He also has a new book of his comics coming out this spring- his last book is available at
Changing Hands in Tempe, and Borders anywhere. Happy Birthday Tony

Monday, December 1, 2008

Your Own Style-

Artists have been coming down to check out the Farm and painting there. The grounds are surrounded by old oleander trees, there are no sidewalks, rows of seasonal vegetables, it's all good. I have asked artists to send me pics of their paintings done here. Everyone's experience painting is different, we will all be hit with something different. To see each artists view of the Farm is a great learning experience and a treat to the eyes. This little colorful piece was done by Geri Acosta from Tucson. She is a gal that just moved to Arizona, knew no one, but has made many friends and has jumped right into life here in Arizona. I so admire her no fear way of getting at life and I think her paintings really do show her personality and even her take on how to jump and and go. So often your artwork will speak volumes about you, maybe more than you really wanted to say. But those you may not even know you can tell a lot about your view on life, your way of handing issues. Not always of course but if your work is truly you, and you have not just adapted another artist's style, it will say much about you. That is having your own style. It is not something that you decide ahead of time, which unfortunately is what art schools often push. How can you have a style when you are just learning how to get the paint off the palette and onto the canvas?? I know this gets old, but, Just Paint!!