Friday, May 22, 2009

Prints of my Oil Paintings now Available

I am excited to announce that there are reproductions of several of my original oil paintings now available. The prints are of pieces that are not in a gallery or have already sold. The company that handles the orders can send you a print on high quality paper or even on canvas. These are not originals but they are an affordable way to own artwork that has already found home! Check out to find my page and the images. New choices will be going up all the time. I am working on a set of florals to add to the page since those seem to be real popular right now.

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Violet" at the Phippen Art Show in Prescott

Because I manage the website for the Arizona Plein Air Painters I get to see all kinds of wonderful artwork. One of my painting friends lives in Prescott on a working ranch. Marla Smith has first hand knowledge of her subjects- cows. When I saw this piece I fell in love, not only with "Violet" (check out those eyes) but with the command of the brush that Marla has. It is better to put down your strokes with confidence, not bit by bit or over and over. This solid brushwork gives the piece real freshness and shows the artists control of her paint and brush. Marla will be showing at the Phippen Art Show at the Courthouse in Prescott on Memorial Day weekend. You can also see more of her work at

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Arizona Does too have Seasons

As our summer is coming down on us fast I have been looking at the winter scenes I completed this year. The desert is amazing in the cold of winter, snow on mesquite trees, ice in the washes, where in a couple of months the dust will rise up from the heat. We do too have seasons, those who say otherwise just are not very observant. Our desert is ever changing it is a challenge to try and get what I see and feel onto the canvas. The next couple of months there will be blossoms on the cactus, white flowers on saguaros, brilliant pinks and reds on the mammalaria. It is getting hot but not hot enough to not be able to paint anytime of day. This painting was done down by Tubac in February. Before I was done sleet was hitting my hat and the fog covered the mountains. Since I am a cold weather whimp I finished up when I couldn't feel my fingers. If you have not been down to The Farm at South Mountain you better head down soon before they close up for the summer. The sweet peas and hollyhocks are in bloom and the sunflowers are reaching up to the sky.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crazy times

I have been most negligent in postings here on my blog. Life has got in the way, and in a good way. As much as we set our schedule, for domestic life, painting, friends- times come up where you just have to toss all that aside and not get frazzled. In the last month I have become a nana to the sweetest little girl (Middle child Michael see his blog) and become a mother-in-law (again this time my oldest son Tony- see his blog). We are prepping for the big wedding and partys that go along with all that. Not much time for painting- that would have really bothered me in the past but now I realize we need to savor the moments with our family while we have them. During one brief afternoon while down at the Farm I did this little piece. The view is from the Artist Studio looking towards Mayas Place- and her organic garden. Sorry for the blur- I was tired. If you don't have time to paint your usual size - don't even try- do starts, or a little piece like a 5"x7" or 6"x8". Don't even try to finish- just get down color notes. You can always go back into them if need be. If your life is just way over the top right now, no time to bring out the paints, then just be very observant. Study your surroundings, layout in your head the composition for a painting, what temperatures do you see. Many times I have put my work over my family or friends, and usually regret it. Do that too often and you will not have any family coming over to see you and you will have plenty of alone time to work. See, I have learned something as I age gracefully!