Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AZ-Eight Artists show in Flagstaff- Mountain Oasis Restaurant

Opening on Art Walk night Oct. 7, 2011 the AZ-Eight group will show at the Mountain Oasis Restaurant in Flagstaff, Arizona. The evenings are cool, lots of galleries, good food, music and just a real nice way to spend and evening. Each of us has one piece hanging in this show at Mountain Oasis. Work comes down at the end of October. My piece is 16" x 12" oil "Cast Shadows"- $950.00 was painted out at Lost Dutchmen State Park east of Phoenix.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Socalpapa "On Locaton" Judge Jeff Sewell

What a fun day in Newport Beach at the Socalpapa Gallery. The Opening Reception for On Location was from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. Jeff Sewell was the Judge of Awards so it was really exciting for me to win an Honorable Mention in this show. The painting is of the Newport Back Bay, Ca. The show hangs until Oct. 30, 2011. Check out the Socalpapa website, they are a great group of people will good show venues, well worth the membership for artists.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

San Juan Capistrano

So worth the visit, the San Juan Capistrano Mission is beautiful. The old worn walls, worn walkways, old green bells, lavender, roses, zinnias all in bloom. Finished a nice little 12" x9, here it is in progress. Getting walls to look solid, but falling down at the same time- ugh. Hummingbirds buzzing me all afternoon. If you are traveling take only small canvas, 6"x8", 5"x7"- take only alizeran crimson, ultra marine blue, and any yellow and white. You can get really anything you need from these- keep the painting simple shapes, the colors accurate, the values accurate. Using that and a couple of photos just to get the details and proportions correct and you are all set to create a large piece in the studio. Don't stress that you have to create a show ready piece. With this mind set you will probably come out with a real nice piece. You are putting in paint what you want to remember about the place, the day, the air, the feel of the place. Check out in my blog where I wrote about the little paint box created by Jerry Pond. They are tiny, good for travel. They work well with gouache also if you can't take oils along.

Painting Crystal cove cottages

Painting the old cottages at Crystal Cove. The old cottages are leaning and broken down. Great subjects. This cottage is one of my favorites. Many are cleaned up and rent-able, something I will do in the future. I would love to be here at sunset and not have to go home! Ice plant covers the sand. Getting the white of the building to look "old white" was hard. More to come.

Laguna Canyon Rd- Big Bend pulloff

Here was a struggle, some days I feel like I fight through the painting. This is while in progress- the scene is so famous to those of us who study the California Impressionists. It is the view down Laguna Canyon Rd. of the Big Bend. Beautiful spot, oak trees, and mountain lion sightings.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Newport Back Bay Afternoon

Different angle looking at the Newport back bay from Bluff Rd between Jamboree and PCH. Beautiful white birds- where is my ornithologist when I need him?? Finished one nice small piece and scraped another. Chalk that one up to I learned something.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Laguna Beach California

Working on the roadside as you head into Laguna Beach. California painters have painted this scene since the 40's. It was so fun for me to be struggling with the same view they did. Hazy mountains in the distance, the winding hwy that leads into town. So beautiful, with oak trees, palm trees, eucalyptus, fresh green grass from the recent rains. Guy Rose, Marion Wachtel, John Gamble, Edgar Alwin Payne.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Back Bay Delight" SOCALPAPA "On Location" show

This 8"x 8" oil "Back Bay Delight" was painted on the road that winds through the Back Bay in Newport Beach, California. The water winds its way inland creating a thick marshland full of interesting water birds and sun washed cliffs. The show for SOCALPAPA called "On Location" has a collection of paintings done on location that also include a photograph of the painting on the easel. Opening Reception is Sat. Sept. 17th from 4:00-6:00pm. Located on the Balboa Fun Zone Boardwalk at 600 East Bay Ave. Newport Beach, CA. 92661. It is open Wed-Sun. I will be at the gallery tomorrow, Sept. 11, from 1:00 on if you are in the area. Please contact info@socalpapa.com if you are interested in purchasing this painting. It is framed in a dark wood wide edged frame with gold touched on the inside edge made by King of Frame in Costa Mesa.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Awards at the Women of the West Show 2011

Here is my good friend Terri Sanchez with her Best of Show award for the cool painting of the Garden of the Gods and shadowed snow. Really nice piece handled well. The opening was well attended and fun. Ann and Ron Wilcock do a great job of promoting their artists.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Tranquil" ranch scene in Colorado

This painting is a 10" x 20" oil on canvas, I didn't have time to muddy it up since the bees kept me moving! This area is west of Castle Rock on one of the side roads that parallel Hwy.25. This oil is available at the Earthwood Gallery in Boulder, Co.
Painted out on Pearl St. this morning and other than it being a nice day was a total washout for any painting to keep. Just a big pile of grey from scraping.