Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It's in the Details

  I am not a detail person. Bullet point, keep it simple, get to the point. To a fault for sure. But in my artwork I find it helps keep me focus on simple shapes, the abstract quality of the composition and not get lost in detail. My favorite artist's work that I could stare at for hours are not full of detail but allow me to wander in the piece. Matisse, Monet, Manet, and many contemporary artists that have the same focus.

  In my water media collages I start with large open shapes, solid color, then work my way down to more detail. I use old ads, torn papers from old watercolor paintings, monoprinted paper, old damaged books, anything. But, once in a while I get a special piece of  paper from an artist that I don't want to use up all at once. If you look closely in the pink blossom you can see some handwriting on the paper-  that piece is from Judy Wood. A mixed media artist that kindly shared some of her hand printed paper with me. Here is where paying attention to the details matters. Those little spots in your artwork that draw the viewers eye where you want it to go. Little pleasure places, and surprises. I put in gold foil, colored inks, the printed word, things that make it unique.

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