Just Work

    One of my biggest struggles in painting has been creating mud. Well, no, I am great at creating mud, it is trying to keep clean color and good strong values. One day in frustration I gave myself an assignment to use paper and paint, not allowing to mix colors to create images. One thing led to another and next thing I new I had a stack of collages and my head and sketchbook was full of ideas. I did a list of thumbnails in 3 values, black/white/grey. It has been such a helpful exercise and a creative direction that I am enjoying. My oil palette is stronger, I have removed some colors, put in others.
    If you find yourself in a slow spot do not just stop creating, work in another medium, but keep creating. Do not wait for inspiration to strike. That is a luxury for the hobbyist,  Just work.

DailyPaintWorks-  6" x 4"  Blossom 


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